We are expanding our business!

Dollar Store Show Retail In the lights of recent successful flow of business, we have decided to open our first retail store. There, we plan on having a part of our merchandise on display for our dear customers to inspect whenever they please. For starters, please do not expect anything special. It is going to be a simple retail store featuring some of our in stock products. Through time and, if things go as planned, of course, we will be expanding the place and adding a bit more attractions to it. Right now, we are solely focusing on getting all papers ready so we can open it as soon as possible. As was the case with our web shop, we are well aware that we’re going to have a particularly rough start with our retail store because… let’s face it… who goes to stores in order to buy things. Before we even start to think about possible profits from it, we first must drive traffic towards it. That’s the real issue we are currently doing our best to resolve. So far, we came up with 2 ideas. We cannot decide whether we’d like to set up a “buy one get one free” event right from the opening day, as that would surely boost our traffic (but we’d have to spice the prices up a bit if we want to keep our profit margin on a positive zero)… or some sort of a giveaway to our lucky customers. A couple of days from now we are going to make our final decision. Don’t worry, you will be informed about it on the homepage as soon as we all agree on it. For now, we just wanted to use this article to inform you about our short term plans. And finally, once again, our new retail store will be opened sometime in March. If you are living close to XXX street then consider coming by and saying hello… Who knows, you might even end up buying something! 🙂