About Us

Dollar Store Show started off in early 2015 when it was founded by Marie Campbell, a visionary with a college degree in Business Management. It is basically a tech-filled web shop with many interesting new gadgets as well as all sorts of electronic accessories that will suit everyone’s taste. But things weren’t always this good. After a pretty rough start when she stumbled upon many issues driven by the American bureaucracy system, Dollar Store Show was almost closed completely just 2 months after it got on the stage. Luckily, with the help of her college colleagues and a pretty hefty bank load, miss. Campbell managed to get back on the right track. Nowadays, in the very beginning of 2017, Dollar Store Show is having a time of its life. With business growing at a rapid rate, miss Campbell decided to open up a retail store as well, hoping that move will boost her sales even further. It’s opening pretty soon (ETA is somewhere around march 2017.) so we sincerely hope that the move will prove to be a big hit.

As we already mentioned above, Dollar Store Show is a techie web shop. It can be considered as every nerd’s wet dream since it has lots of interesting tech gadgets. In addition to that, there are also old classics on display, such as SNES games, SNES console itself, Nintendo GameCube, N64 and many more… In addition to tech gadgets and classical gaming equipment, Dollar Store Show also sells modern video games. Currently, we only have xbox One and PS4 video games in stock, but we will set up our own digital PC games’ stock in the near future. With that being said, we would like to thank you for taking your time and reading a bit more about us. And finally, I just wanted to add that it’s been a wonderful one and a half year working at Dollar Store Show with big hopes that the business will continue onwards even better than before.